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Covid19 information

We would like to inform you about our provisions related to the covid19 virus.

Above all, we would like to bring our best thoughts to those affected by the disease and to them who are in high demand.

To date we have closed our guest rooms for booking until the end of April. We only offer one available room if people are in need of emergency accommodation. We have also volunteered to accommodate health staff when needed.

For reservations already made, we offer full reimbursement for stays with an arrival until April 30. For later stays we await the new directives.

Regarding new reservations for late spring and summer, we offer more flexible cancellation conditions. For the end of spring and the summer only our lodgings are open for the moment with the reservation. These accommodations make it possible to stay in a certain confinement by limiting external contacts. We also offer the privatized Mas gîte in different configurations:12 people, 8 people and 6 people with a sliding scale tariff according to the capacity.

We will open the guest rooms according to the remaining availability and the evolution of the situation related to covid19.

We have always paid great attention to the cleanliness of our accommodation, our average score of 9.6 / 10 on this criterion on the booking.com site attests to this. We will further strengthen our procedures for the health situation.

We still give our full support to those particularly affected by the situation and courage to all those who are confined. We assure you of offering our best services so that you can enjoy our wide open spaces in and around Mas Picton.

We invite you to follow our news on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/maspicton and instagram @maspicton
jardin et piscine 12Mar

Our offers for groups

We offer different configurations to meet various requests for hosting groups.

Our 2 Mas and Atelier gites are labeled 3 ears gites of France.

We can accommodate groups of 2 people up to 23 people by booking our 2 lodgings. We can therefore host various events such as weddings, seminars, sports, associations, or family gatherings.
The vast common areas of the Mas gite allow the grouping of a group in the same friendly space. The 8 rooms on the set of 2 lodgings each with its adjoining bathroom and private WC offer privacy for everyone. Each room is soundproofed and has its own set of keys and hot water tanks. In some rooms we can offer the configuration of 2 single beds instead of a large double bed.

The large terraces also allow you to gather comfortably outside in good weather around the pool with a beautiful view of the Albères massif.

Our location allows access on foot to the Marende beach, a pleasant and wild page of Argelès sur Mer with its beach club and snack bar offering deckchair rental, satand up paddle, pedal boat, small sailing boats ... and Collioure the joyai of the Vermeille coast only 15 minutes by car or 5 minutes by train from the train station of Argelès sur Mer.

We have recently welcomed a semi-professional cycling club for its pre-season preparation, family gathering for Christmas, friends for the new year and New Years Eve in Collioure, several weddings, a cousinade, a gathering a local dance association, 2 professional seminars.

Excluding accommodation we can accommodate up to 40 people outside for an evening or a day. We can also offer outside in low season for the day without accommodation for birthday, picnic, barbecue, yoga, sports etc ...

We offer partnerships with providers of complementary services:food truck, furniture rental, caterer, entertainment, wooden games, sports or artistic lessons, shows, musicians and many others ...

Do not hesitate to contact us for any special request.
exposition de photos d'archives sur la plage d'Argelès  à l'occasion des 80 ans de la Retirada 03Mar

Commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the Retirada

In Argelès were held the weekend of February 23 and 24, the commemorations of the 80 years of the Retirada.

What is the Retirada? It is the exile of Spanish republicans fleeing the oppression of the Franco regime in the context of the Spanish civil war between nationalists and Republicans. An influx of meadows of 500,000 people, in a few days in February 1939, men, women, children, who arrive at the French border waiting for it to be open. Once the border opens an endless queue of people cross border villages like Perthus.

Many are grouped in camps in Barcarès, Rivesaltes, or Saint Cyprien. In Argelès a camp is established on the beach of the Marende. In the beginning this camp is simply a piece of sand on the beach surrounded by barbed wire. Fortune shelters are established by digging holes in the sand and covered with reeds and tarpaulins to shelter somewhat from the tramontane, rain and winter cold.Subsequently the barracks were built improving a little comfort that remains precarious.
The camp of Argelès closes in September 1941.

Long obscured, for some years a work of memory on this episode of history is developing. Several places were created: the memorial museum of the exile in la Jonquera , the memorial of the camp of Rivesaltes . The Argelès sur Mer camp memorial was installed last year in new premises in the heart of the village. Several buildings of memory are visible on the town: the monolith on the north beach, the plate on the beach of the Marende and the cemetery of the Spaniards. The Spanish poet Antonio Machado died in Collioure on February 22, 1939 just after crossing the border. He rests in the cemetery of Collioure.

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Retirada, an ephemeral exhibition was installed on the Argelès beach presenting archive photos. The head of the Spanish government Pedro Sanchez made the trip to pay tribute to the refugees and for the first time ask forgiveness on behalf of the Spanish state.

We wanted to evoke this painful episode of our recent history and thus participate in the work of memory. Especially since the Mas Picton is located a few hundred meters from the site of the camp Argelès and we have received several times children and grandchildren of Spanish refugees coming in the footsteps of the history of their parents.
This approach of memory, understanding of history and transmission seems important to us and can be useful to us not to reproduce in the future the errors of the past.
We invite you to visit the various sites listed above to learn a little more about this episode of history.
I would also like to share with you one of my recent readings "not cry" of Lydie Salvayre who won the Goncourt prize in 2014 and which allowed me to better understand the context of the civil war in Spain through a very good novel written. I learned a lesson: in any conflict the affinities between 2 individuals of opposite camps can be greater than those between 2 individuals of the same camp.
Village de Noël Barcarès 10Dec

Our selection of Christmas animation

We wanted to share with you our selection of Christmas animations.

Let's start with the most grandiose, the Christmas village of Barcarès open until January 9, 2019. We have found great improvement this year, first of all the site has changed by moving to the foot of the liner failed Lydia, it is really nice. You can climb on this magnificent liner and enjoy a breathtaking view of one side of the Christmas village and the other on the sea. The market has grown well with several nice spaces: mini-farm, funfair , ice rink and many stand some of which are very qualitative. We suggest the cakes on the spit of Gigi that we had the chance to visit during our holidays in the Aveyron located inside the Lydia, The woks of Yan, etc ... The entrance fee is Saturday, Sunday and during the school holidays. The program here.

Much smaller but also more friendly, the Christmas market Argelès sur Mer will be held from 19 to 29 December in the village square Gambetta. Many animations on this period.You can enjoy Christmas decorations on the forecourt of the Town Hall, in the village streets and even on the roundabout of the arrival at the beach this year. The program here.

We always recommend the Perpignan Christmas market, we appreciate the setting on the Vauban quays overlooking the bass and its decorated gardens and in the bottom Castillet. The atmosphere is family and casual. Many chalets of qualitative craftsmen. We also invite you to discover the Halles Vauban with its many traders always lively. The program here

To finish a new edition of Collioure color with beautiful animated projections on the bell tower of Collioure on the theme of different local artistic currents: Picasso, Matisse, Dali ... Also many street animations. The program here

To celebrate the transition to the new year always the famous festivities of Collioure this year on the theme of surrealism.
And to start the new year not to miss the cavalcade of the three wise men in the city center of Perpignan, a great opportunity to discover this beautiful city and its traditions.
image 23Oct

The nature reserve of Mas Larrieu

We are fortunate to have on the territory of Argelès sur mer two national natural reserves, that of the forest of Massane and that of Mas Larrieu. It's the latter that I'm going to talk to you about today.

The Mas Larrieu reserve is located in the immediate vicinity of Mas Picton, a 10-minute walk away. It extends over 145ha at the mouth of the Tech on both sides of the river, one bank on the town of Elne, the other on Argeles sur Mer. The coastal fringe is made up of one of the last natural beaches of Roussillonnais littoral.

The reserve is rich in the diversity of its landscapes and ecosystems. Three main environments stand out: the riparian forest on the banks of the Tech with large trees, the coastline and its mobile dunes, and the meadows on the land with its groves. The variety of these environments induces a great diversity of flora and fauna. It is interesting to observe the fascinating adaptability of plants on extreme environments.Some adapt to the extreme drought of coastal dunes in summer others to the force of currents during floods on the banks of the Tech.
Wildlife is also rich and diverse. Many birds take up residence there year-round or during migrations. They are mainly found in the forest riparian Tech which also hosts among other dragonflies and amphibians. The ossified lizard prefers the warm sand of the dunes.
You will also see a cattle farm at the entrance of the reserve around the building that gave its name to the reserve, children love.

The Mas Larrieu reserve is suitable for all types of walks to enjoy nature by getting lost on the many trails or to enjoy the beach and swimming.

Several solutions are possible to access the reserve. From Mas Picton we advise you to go through the leisure area bypassing the go-kart track and past the Equinoxe campsite.We do not recommend to access by vehicle until the entry of the reserve because the way is in bad state. In winter you can park in front of the campsite Equinoxe and in summer at the leisure area. From the Picton Mas one reaches the entrance to the reserve in 15 minutes walk.
The second access is via the Tech bridge on the road to St Cyprien. Again the road is very bad and better to park at the bridge. On foot you can make a loop by entering the Tech bridge and returning by the recreational area, unless the Riberette's water level is too high you will not be able to cross the gateway.
To visit the part of the reserve that is on the north bank of Tech, it will cross it by the road bridge leading to St Cyprien. If the water level is low we can cross by taking off shoes but beware of currents especially at the mouth.

Naturism is practiced on the beach of Mas Larrieu essentially north near the mouth. Cohabitation goes well everyone is aware that the beauty of the place is beneficial to all.
To make the most of the place we advise you to privilege the morning and the evening for the calm and the luminosity, especially in summer. Our favorite is going there morning to watch the sunrise and watch the first rays of sun illuminate the snow-covered Canigou from the mouth of the Tech.

Guided walks are organized by the Argelès sur Mer Tourist Office from April to September.
The descendant of the Tech in Stand Up Paddle is a very nice option to discover the reserve. To find out more you can contact our partner Bluebéar located just next to Mas Picton.

The presence of this reserve near Mas Picton is a chance especially that a hotel project was envisaged in the 1970s. Fortunately it did not happen and the creation of the reserve in 1984 ensures its protection.We are very attached to this place where nature is preserved, which unfortunately is becoming increasingly rare outside the reserves. We advocate that the protection of nature and agricultural spaces is not limited to reserves. The erosion of biodiversity is such that the urbanization of all new surfaces must stop to allow future generations to make a socially appropriate choice. We manage the 5000 m² plot of Mas Picton preserving a maximum biodiversity, we will devote soon an article on this point, to tell you a little more.

We recently participated with great pleasure in a garbage collection on the beach of Mas Larrieu organized by the Gazette Eco Argelésienne , facebook group of citizens engaged in the preservation of our rich natural heritage argelésien. Indeed the situation at the mouth of the Tech is that many rubbish are brought back to the beach after the episodes of heavy rains.If you go for a walk do not forget to bring a bag to bring back the trash that you may eventually encounter, a small participation of each keeps a clean environment.

If you want to know more a very interesting brochure published on the occasion of 30 years of the creation of the reserve.
image 19Jul

Our selection in Collioure

Collioure is the jewel of the Vermeille coast and the Mediterranean with its famous bell tower, its colorful houses, its small steep streets, its peaceful bay and its 5 beaches. Former royal port at the time of the kings of Aragon its rich heritage is with its royal castle, Fort St Elmes, Fort Miradou, the square tower, its mill. Eternal city of painters, the wild beasts had established their base camp there. Today Collioure is the most courted place of visitors and Catalan country symbol.

City so dear to our heart because it is there in the heart of the Faubourg that we have our family home, an old stone building with thick walls, its garden and its centenary orange tree which every winter we can prepare our jams of orange house made in Collioure.

Have to do,

The first thing to do in Collioure is simply stroll through its small steep pedestrian streets. The alleys of the old townform a maze in which you have to get lost and where you can be surprised at every corner: a panorama of the sea and the bay, the beautiful fisherman's house all in height, flowering facades ...
You will find a network of alleys also in Faubourg at the bottom of the bay less known but equally picturesque.

We advise you to visit the royal castle from which the magnificent views of the city and the bay of Collioure are numerous. Enjoy a guided tour to discover the rich history of this building dating from the time or Collioure was the royal port of the Kingdom of the Kings of Majorca.

For beautiful views you can also start the ascenssion that leads to the mill of Cortina by stairs in the shade of olive trees. The mill is sometimes put into service and leaves his sails to produce olive oil. On the way back do not forget to make a stop at the gazebo one of the most beautiful views of the bay.For the more courageous you can extend the walk from the mill to the imposing Fort St Elme and Fort Dugommier currently under rehabilitation.

You can walk in the footsteps of the famous fawn painters Henri Matisse and André Derain, on the path of Fauvism a discovery tour in the city composed of 19 reproductions of works by artists. We recommend a guided tour offered by the tourist office of Collioure.

The beach club offers you the rental of paddle boats, kayaks and paddle to go for a walk on the water in the bay of Collioure and to benefit from beautiful points of view on the city.

Fancy a stroll in the hinterland of Collioure, you can walk to the hermitage Notre Dame de Consolation , a quiet and shady place located on the heights of Collioure. Fancy a great climb you can go to the Madeloc tower for a magnificent panorama of Collioure and the surrounding area. The coast is very steep and not very shaded.You can approach by car by a small narrow and steep road.

Our good addresses in Collioure
The cellar of the Dominicans is the historic cooperative cellar of Collioure located.
Our favorite restaurants in Collioure. The seagull beach at Faubourg offers both quality cuisine and a unique setting with a terrace at the water's edge with a magnificent view of the bay.
Casa Leon offers very good fish specialties in a small alley behind St Vincens beach.
The 5th sin is a small gourmet restaurant, reputedly run by a Japanese chef, offering an inventive cuisine combining local specialties and Japanese cuisine.
The little caterer offers excellent takeaways including local specialties.

To take a drink.
Sola coffee, historic cafe Collioure frequented by locals, atmosphere guaranteed, broadcast rugby matches and football.
The cellar at Féfé in the suburbs excellent little wine bar.
The bar of the Templars , historic cafe in Collioure where were found the fauve painters, the decor has not changed and known for its paintings hanging on the walls.

It is often difficult to drive to Collioure especially in summer. A parking relay on the heights with a shuttle service is available.
Other alternatives exist.
By train you can park on the free parking of Argelès sur mer station and access the center of Collioure in 5 minutes.
By the sea, boats connect the port of Argelès to Collioure.
Finally on foot, you can park on the large free parking Racou and access Collioure by the coastal pathin less than an hour. The trail is beautiful through the creeks of Porteils, the creek of Ouille . Fort Miradou, the square fort and the tower of Etoile , set of defensive works announce the arrival on Collioure.
A 1-euro bus line from the general council also serves Collioure from Argelès sur Mer.
aire de jeux enfants du Mas Picton 21Jun

The Mas Picton for the tall ... and the little ones

At Mas Picton, a family-run establishment, we naturally do everything to offer the best welcome to families and children. We offer independence in one of our 2 cottages where you can find family in privacy in a fully equipped private accommodation. The cottage Mas for large families up to 12 people or the cottage Workshop up to 5 people. The Atelier holiday rental has an independent bedroom upstairs that allows teenagers to enjoy their independence. Each cottage has a private garden area where children can enjoy the outdoors. A wood play area is proposed in shared access for the 2 lodgings as well as a ground of petanque

In bed and breakfast also you will find your happiness, our family roomfor 4 people is ideal composed of 2 rooms side by side, child and parents will be able to share the same accommodation while remaining independent.

Many activities around the Mas Picton easily accessible on foot

The Marende beach, 15 minutes walk by a secure footpath allows easy access with stroller or young children and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea with a beautiful panorama on the coast Vermeille, Collioure and Albères. The Emeraude Beach Club offers sun lounger rentals and various water activities. The leisure area also accessible in about ten minutes of walk proposes many activities: accrobranche , water jump , mini-golf , artificial canyonning , bowling, karting , Luna Park . You seek tranquility several beautiful walks in the wilderness are possible from the Mas Picton: the Mas Larrieu reserve, the banks of the Tech or Argelès beach by the coastal path, all accessible in less than an hour.
We are also well served by bike paths, from the Mas Picton we can access many destinations by bike routes wide and secure without almost taking the roads: the old village, the beach center, the port and the racou, the area Crafts , Saint Cyprien, the artisanal zone. You have the possibility of renting bicycle VTC, VTT, electric bike and trailers children at the hirer BlueBear located at 5 minutes with feet of Mas.
You want to eat without taking the car, it is possible at the restaurant Are y Sem accessible in 10 minutes on foot. This restaurant has outstanding facilities for children:games room, inflatable games, mini golf and a large outdoor park.

Argelès sur Mer, a family destination

Many other activities or events are proposed on Argelès sur Mer, the town labeled "Famille Plus" even offers a specific website where you will find all the necessary information: http://famille.argeles-sur-mer.com . To reach the different sites of the city you can take the trainbus , children love. The nearest stop is located in front of the entrance to the campsite la Sirène 5 minutes walk from the Mas.

For family activities in the department 66

For activities around Argelès sur mer in the department 66, we highly recommend the blog Hellolesmômes66where you can follow the footsteps of the little explorers Misha, Ilian, Manolo and Noah who have found great deals in the department for you, we really like the articles are very well documented.